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Use designated skijor trails.
Do not let your dog run loose (including on the trail, in the woods or around the parking area or trailhead).
Be in control of your dog at ALL times.
Be aware of your dogs' behavior, especially around other dogs, people, and wildlife
Use trail courtesy. When passing call "trail, on your left/right".
When passing or being passed, ski to one side and pull yourself close to your dog.
Use proper equipment, belt, harness (dogsled harness) , and line designed for dog powered sports(pulling/joring) activities.
Remove dog waste from trail and parking area.

Twin Cities Area Trail Information

Click here to view our Trail Directory (this could use an update as we  have gained additional trails).

***A new addition:

Skijorers are always welcome on our trails here at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

(We groom approximately 9 miles of Cross country ski trails during the season).

Kickapoo Valley Reserve

S3661 State Hwy 131

La Farge, WI  54639


***January 13th  is the Kickapoo Valley Winter Festival. (lots of activities including skijor racing)

Trail Maps

Anoka County Parks: Bunker trail map

Three Rivers Park District: Baker trail map

Dakota County Parks: Byllesby trail map


Trail Conditions

Anoka County                 Hotline   763-767-2827 Website (they have redone their website and the link is currently broken)

Dakota County                Hotline   651-438-4636 Website (they have redone their website and the link is currently broken)

Three Rivers Parks           Hotline   763-559-6778 Website (they have redone their website and the link is currently broken)

Please note there are no trail condition hotlines or websites for St. Paul.

A few new additions:
*** MN Landscape Arboretum (skijoring trails are planned to open in fall 2014
*** The U of M Nordic Center located at the Les Bolstad Golf Course now (12-31-2013) has a skijoring loop.  There is about a 1 mile stacked loop on the SOUTH side of Larpenter avenue.  There is parking available in the main lot on the North side and a tunnel that will take you under the road.  Skijorers are expected to pay the same fees ($3 day) as other skiers and are not permitted on the North side Nordic trails. (rental skis available) For more information visit:
Itasca State Park:  Itasca State Park has 7 miles of packed trail specifically designated for skijoring.
Wilderness Drive-North (from Lake Oziwindib/Wilderness Drive Road junction to Two Spot Trail Junction )2 3/4 miles/4.4km)
Two Spot Trail 2 1/4 miles/3.6km
Wilderness Drive West (from Two Spot Trail Corner) to Nicollet Trail Junction 2 miles/3.2 km
Parking: To access parking and skijoring trail area, take Wilderness Drive approximately 2 1/2 miles past the Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center. Parking is available along Wilderness Drive North, at the junction with Wilderness Drive and the road to the Lake Ozawindib boat access.

*** NOTE: Not all that long ago there were not "approved" trails. We actively lobbied for and acquired permission and access to some really great trails and venues and we all want to keep those privileges. We are all ambassadors of the dog powered sports community. Please follow accepted trail etiquette and guidelines so that we may all continue to enjoy the trails.