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Class Schedule

We have the best training in the MIDWEST and have been doing training the longest of any organization in the Midwest, regardless of what others claim.


Due to the COVID-19 situation we are not conducting any classroom or OUR "paws on" training clinics at this time. In the meantime we may create some on-line or video training.

We strongly encourage you to do basic training at home (while incorporating and maintaining social distancing practices with all others of course).

***** If you are looking for a training clinic, what should you look for:

Small class size: or low student-to-instructor ratio (obviously for COVID reasons) but also so that you and your dog get more in-depth info geared toward you and your dog.

PULL based training approach rather than chase base approach. If they aren't teaching pull, they are skipping the basic foundation skill or principle concept of all dog-powered sports. If they train using chase they likely don't know how to train pull

Skills-based training (paws-on training): Trail training and fundamental  skills training, after all you can read info on our site or other sites at anytime (we may be biased, but the other sources may contain BS)  you don't need us to lecture/talk for 2 hours before we start helping you train your dog. There is incorrect info out there so be prepared to sort, Inhale the good exhale the bull.

Loaner Equipment: Why buy $300 to $500 in gear for a class for something that you or your dog may not really enjoy. That said having gear will save time getting you or others ready so we may get right to  our "paws on trail training". But that being the case get the proper gear ahead of time, not at Skijor lecture/sales pitch.

No Sales pressure: The goal and emphasis at a training class should always be on training you and your dog not gear/equipment sales. If there is as many sales people as instructors the priority isn't you or your dog.



Equipment, commands, etiquette, training tips, and techniques are covered in training and equipment pages, as well as in our power point and pdf presentation here on this site.

More in-depth instruction and practice is conducted at our training classes.

Prior to attending any of our clinics, please view our Skijor101 presentation as well as a RACING 101 presentation at the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).

Why should you attend our training?

Do you want to enjoy winter with your dog?

Want to train your dog the basics of skijoring ? Want to try competitive skijor events ?
We can help you get the jor (PULL) into your ski-jor or other dog powered sports endeavor. 
We want you and your dog to enjoy the learning curve without causing any dependencies.
We can help you harness the power, focus the energy, and enjoy the ride.
We proactively minimize stress to maximize learning and safety. 
We can show you how to train and handle your dog using positive training methods based in proven science, with a focus on learning theory and animal behavior.


Notes/prerequisites for attending our training.

1. Dress for the weather, the temps and the wind (Dress for whatever the weather is, what it may be, or may change to during or after class), It is Minnesota :-) 
No refunds for cancellation due to weather.

2. View the Midwest Skijorers "Skijor 101" on BEFORE coming to class. (on the training page of this website)
3. Dogs must be licensed and up to date on current vaccines and parasite protocol. 
4. Dogs must be on leash, command lead, or skijor towline at all times (NO LOOSE DOGS).
5. Dogs should be in good health and be able to be around other dogs (non-aggressive,non-anxious, non-reactive).  NOTE: For aggressive anxious or reactive dogs additional training should be sought out PRIOR to our training.

We promote starting training months before snowfall. earlier (start simple and build on the successes). But alas, inquiries fly in every year once a few snowflakes fall with dreams of finding the accelerated skills download program.
We prefer to teach you to how to train your dog to pull and to learn commands rather then creating any chase dependency issues.
Class Schedule:
Traditionally we have our skills proficiency course in the north metro in place in September and our classes begin by October and continue throughout the winter.
Recently life and work schedules/commitments have necessitated reduced grooming and class scheduling and as of October of this year our skills proficiency skills trail has been put in.
Our "Skills Proficiency Course" is located in a convenient (north metro) twin cities location.

We are  working on setting up a training sessions in the Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay areas in 2021.
As always check back often (here and on the Midwest Skijorers' Facebook group or the Midwest Skijorers' Facebook page.



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