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*******Updated Skijor101 and RACING 101 presentation are now posted at the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).
*******2014/2015 Training is posted on Class Schedule" page.



Skijoring is a skier skiing AND a dog pulling.

Defined by technical boolean formula: Ski+ Dogpower=SkiJOR

Defined by the exhilarating feeling:  Skijoring is "FunSquared for all"



SKIJORING: PAST Skijoring is a dogpowered sport that has been around a longtime in many cultures.

Skijoring has experienced tremendous growth in North America since the late 1990s and is still growing. With popularity and growth awaits many opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges.


The largest portion of skijorer population will likely remain recreational in nature.

Races and race venues may change.

There will still be a need for 3K to 5K and 10K races geared toward entry level through intermediate participants.

There will also be a need for longer events (15-20K) that more realistically prepare more advanced participants and their dogs for IFSS WC and International competition.  International Qualifying races should be 15-25K rather than 3-6 miles.

Sanctioning adds to race overhead costs. Adding classes, divisions, or brackets adds to award costs, so also expect increased entry fees.

We as a community should foster feeder programs such as: youth programs, skills development, canine nutrition, canine conditioning, and skijorer education (much like the skijor education/license/training that European countries require skijorers to obtain in order to compete).

We as a community need to promote consistency in rules, policies, and procedures for all levels (IFSS/ISDRA rules).

We as a community need to be aware of how goals and ideas affect the dogs. We are their (the dogs) advocate. We are the responsible party.

Venues and goals should always be evaluated to ensure they are in the best interest of the dogs (both in the short term and in the long term).

Growth and popularity increase is exciting. We as a sport community have a lot to gain and we have a lot to lose.

We as a sport and a community need to grow responsibly. We as a sport and a community need to continue to help new people and their dogs get started out right, while building a development progression for elite competitors, while also continuing our support our core of recreational skijorers and citizen racers.

***SKIJORING: PRESENT (Current events local news)***

Hello fellow dog powered sports enthusiasts,

We have had another  very busy year with great presentations, hugely popular (and very effective) training clinics, and of course our races that are geared for all levels. We also have some very exciting opportunities on the horizon. A huge thanks to all of you for making another successful season happen.

Please take a moment to check out some of the changes we have made to the website.

We have posted a new Skijor101 presentation as well as a RACING 101 presentation to the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).

We plan to add additional presentations.

We have also added some great information to the "member" area including creating the "MEMBER FORUM" in which to share a wealth of information for you and your dog. Some of the topics in the "Member Forum" are: Training, Equipment, Canine Health, Racing, Book and Video Resources, Improving your XC skiing, Feeding your Canine Companion, Traveling with Dogs, And much more !

If you are a current member, just log into the member area (using your username and password) and check out the Member Forum.

If you need to renew your membership you can do it here through PayPal. Or you can print out the membership form (found in files on our facebook group) and mail it in with a check. THANKS for being a part of our dog powered sports community and for helping us continue to be able to pay it forward.

PS. Also a reminder that the skijor yahoogroup  ("skijor forum" on the menu on the left) has ~400 photos (with text information) and years of discussions on many aspects of dog powered sports.

There is also over 50 "articles" in the "Files"area of the Midwest Skijorers Facebook Group.

Remember to "LIKE" and "SHARE" our Facebook page.

We invite you to join our Facebook group.




The Midwest Skijorers Club is your go to source for all dog powered sports training and problem solving.

  • Does your dog lose focus on the trail?
  • Does your dog lack enthusiasm when the harness comes out?
  • Does your dog have a slack tug line when you are skiing?
  • Would you prefer to be in the Snug Tug Club ?
  • Does your dog stop and sniff things on the trail ?
  • Does he try to check or leave pee-mail on the trail?
  • Does your dog visit with other dogs on the trail rather than staying focused and passing them?
  • Are you wondering, aside from saying a command louder or saying it again and again, how do train your dog to learn a command
  • Has your training from "Chase-U" or "Wenopull-U" created a chase-dependent dog? Do you now need a chase-dependency support group ?
  • Or do you want to know what to do about it, and to have the freedom and independence to go when and where you want ?
  • Are you wondering, aside from saying on-by and hoping and praying, how are you going to ensure interference-free and contact-free passing.
  • Are you wondering how you know if your dog is ready for a race? What race? Why ?
  • Want to know tips and techniques for better performance, which help you rise up the race food chain and not just be a number in someone elses' ranking.
We teach you how to solve these and many other issues. Join us for a training session and we will turn your frustrating runs into enjoyable outings for you and your pet. Classes are kept small in order to provide you with specialized one-on-one training.
If you are new to dog powered sports join us for a beginner training session (we provide the gear for the day). This is a great way to see if the Dryland and Skijoring sports venues are of interest to you and your canine pal.
Bring your dog and we will teach YOU how to teach YOUR dog using positive training method with certified dogpower sports trainers. Learn in a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, just honest information.
After your initial class you may join us for our practice group "HONE YOUR SKILLS" sessions where you will get together with others of your same experience level for fun and training tips.

For more information please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prior to attending any of our clinics, please view our Skijor101 presentation as well as a RACING 101 presentation at the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).

video from 2011 Arctic Fever race

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Video from sport class 4 dog sprints at Snow Bowl