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Our New and Updated "Skijor101" presentation and "RACING 101" presentation are now posted at the  "Training Information" page (in PDF format).
Our 2014/2015 Training is posted on Class Schedule" page.


Welcome to Midwest Skijorers website

I would like to remind everyone that the club membership dues are due.

If you have not renewed your membership, you will be restricted from accessing the members area (including the priceless information in the member forum). Please use our handy paypal button to renew your membership and support our efforts to be an advocate for your dog and for all dog powered sports. A word document copy of the membership form is also available in "files" at the Midwest Skijorers Facebook group.

We hope 2015/2016 will be a great year for all of you.

The Burl Oaks Classic is alive and well. The location lends itself nicely to a exciting and REAL IFSS Style start. *** Sleds and kicksleds will be allowed on the Burl Oaks trail this season. We ask that all sledders be polite and not chew up the trail by riding the brake. (please use a drag pad)  ***Update: Burl Oaks is without grooming equipment at this time but are supportive if we arrange grooming.

We have some exciting new venues on the horizon too. We have some new local venue options available with exciting potential . We also have a Midwest venue that could prove a world class venue (both nordic and dryland) .

This is a very exciting time for the dog powered sports community and we would appreciate any assistance in making the most of these great opportunities.  We need additional people to help grow these competitive venue opportunities.

We plan to strive to add to our event class venues  (pulka, combined, relay, sit-skis, International-distance skijoring, and a few more) in order to provide additional inclusiveness, excitement, and variety and also to better represent International Federation Of SledDog Sports (IFSS) venues, rules, policies, and procedures as they exist globally.

It has been non-stop training since September. We have had many successful classes and have helped many people and their canine pals on their way to dog powered fun. We have many training sessions in the works for the new year including Rochester, Chicago and Canada. We will continue to work with the Humane Society and their kids program. Also we have many community events to participate in. If you would like to help out let us know, we can always use an extra pair of hands and another dog lover :)

Ultra Paws (GearForDogs) has continued on as our sponsor for the 2015 season. We are very lucky to have them supporting us again.   UltraPaws was the clubs' original gear sponsor back in 2000 (they were known as Free Spirit Outfitters back then) and they have proven to be our best sponsor by far. They are a joy to work with and they bend over backwards to help out our club. They support our club, our training, and our sport. Please support this Minnesota company that really supports us and let them know you appreciate their support. (Look and ask for UltraPaws gear at Chuck and Dons)

Take care everyone and enjoy the bountiful snow of this season.

Thank You

Jim Benson President-Midwest Skijorers Club


video from 2011 Arctic Fever race

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Video from sport class 4 dog sprints at Snow Bowl